About Us

About Us

Messiah Montessori School is known for its scholarly, art-integrated, educational achievements as a Louisiana A+ School; is distinguished as an accredited Montessori nonpublic school approved by the Louisiana Department of Education; and has made history as the first accredited Montessori High School in the State of Louisiana.          

Messiah has a great community reputation as the right choice for excellence in education. Parents constantly remark how they wish they would have had the choice to attend a school like Messiah because they would have learned so much more. Ourteachers are trained to present their lessons in a wide variety of ways using Montessori materials and hands-on methods, project-based learning, music, cooperative learning, leadership training, art activities, role play, multimedia, field trips, inner reflection, and much more.

Our advanced international educational approach is available to the children of our region beginning at the age of eighteen months and continuing through twelfth grade. Montessori education is an international education. Students are viewed “holistically” as unique individuals who are taught with an eye for developing the “whole child” along with the entire package of skills and abilities that they bring to the table. Our teachers help students to discover and refine their intellectual abilities through strategies that are open to the development of the students’ multiple intelligences.

Our Multiple Intelligences approach to education allows all students the opportunity to grow in the skills and abilities for which they are most adapted and suited. Development of these abilities is vital for students to become successful adults in life.

In our multiple intelligences learning environment, all students have an opportunity to progress to their full potential. Academically gifted students are challenged to develop higher-level mental functions, including deliberate intellectual processes that enhance learning, memory, and reasoning. Learners who may not perform well on traditional academic tasks and tests are provided alternate methods and experiences unique to their own ways of thinking and learning in order to develop their distinctive student abilities. Teaching to develop each student’s intelligence giftedness promotes all students as being “good students” who can succeed in life.

Our school community includes established families from our area, newly arrived out-of-state families, and International residents who want the right kind of education and a peaceful educational environment for their children.

The loving atmosphere of our school is simply beautiful; enhances the desire in each child to learn; makes each child feel accepted and “at home”; and is one of the reasons so many parents choose to send their children to Messiah. Parents who say “we want to keep our children as children as long as possible” choose Messiah Montessori.

Our faith-based Christian school features quality education in a positive, nurturing, learning environment. Messiah Montessori is a Christ-centered school focused on helping young people to develop personal faith in God, to become who God created them to be, and to effectively serve God and mankind in practical and positive ways. We believe our children can be “difference makers” in the world. Messiah is non-denominational and open to people of all faiths or beliefs.

Messiah Montessori emphasizes“hands-on learning” as the best approach for children to learn; advanced academics; a foreign language immersion program in French and Spanish; a love of the arts; music appreciation; character development; spiritual awareness; social and practical life skills; and physical fitness.    

Messiah Montessori is an accredited Montessori nonpublic school approved by the Louisiana Department of Education; certified by the Louisiana Montessori Association; a Member School of the International Montessori Council; a Louisiana A+ School; and an educational ministry of the non-denominational Harvest Cathedral. 

Messiah Montessori School does not discriminate against employees, students, or applicants on the basis of race, color, sex, or national origin.