Messiah Montessori School

Dr. Jules D. Boquet & Deborah Boquet Founders and Heads of School


Welcome to Messiah Montessori School

Messiah Montessori School is “The School of Choice” ™ for the Houma region.  Parents and students choose Messiah as the right school environment for their educational and social development. Students learn real-life skills of how to think logically; how to make right choices; how to work cooperatively with peers; how to become independent learners; and how to plan and finish projects; all as part of their daily curriculum.  

Whether you are a native of our area, a newly arrived family from out of state, or an International resident, and you are looking for the right school for your child, Messiah Montessori School welcomes you to discover our unique educational environment designed for excellence in education and development of full potential of its students.   

We invite you to take a personal tour so that you can discover for yourself what makes Messiah Montessori such a wonderful learning environment for your child. Most parents comment during their school tour that “this is the kind of school that I wished I had gone to…I would have learned so much more.”

Your child can learn so much more at Messiah Montessori.

Come and see. You will be amazed at what children can learn in the right educational environment.

We invite you to learn more about how your child can benefit from a Messiah Montessori education. Please feel free to contact our office with your questions, or better yet, schedule a visit to our extraordinary school. You will be glad you did.

Our office is located at 1224 Museum Drive in Houma. Call us at 985-857-8808.

We look forward to meeting you.  

Dr. Jules D. Boquet and Deborah Boquet

Founders and Heads of School

Messiah Montessori School does not discriminate against employees, students, or applicants   on the basis of race, color, sex, or national origin.